To begin, read “Rate Your Genealogical Maturity.” Fill in the self-assessment inventory. If you have questions about the definitions of words, consult “Genealogical Maturity Model (GMM) Definitions.”

After completing the inventory, go back and review the categories. Pick one category to work on. Read the description of the next level. Make that your goal. Don’t try and work on all categories at once. Baby steps. Don’t try to skip levels. Baby steps. Commit to yourself and focus your efforts on that one, little goal.

Once you’ve accomplished that goal, come back and pick another area for improvement.

For a while I considered developing a genealogical maturity model for software programs. I put that on hold after an ad hoc attempt at assigning a maturity to the new FamilySearch Tree. Read the overly critical appraisal at the end of “Vault Vednesday: Last Day to Pre-register.”

In addition to the sources previously noted, I would like to acknowledge the many contributions from my many knowledgeable readers. Some came directly by email, but many can be read online in the comments at the end of each of these articles:

Thank you, again.