This site is for anyone who is directly or remotely related who has an interest in researching or documenting their heritage. 

In the grand scheme of things, knowing who our ancestors were doesn't really matter.  Once the nuclear bombs begin flying or life is wiped out from a comet/asteroid or our sun starts to swell into a red giant and boils our oceans and atmosphere away, our lineage will be as important as the contents of your garbage can.

But until the end arrives, some of us just need to know because, in part, who we are is a result of where and from whom we came.  Civilization has a history and we are a part of that.  Our ancestors roamed this earth and experienced joy, sorrow, love and despair.  Each left behind a story - a memory.  Some are interesting and others not so much.  In a way, when their stories are shared or their names read aloud, we keep them alive.

My purpose is to simply attempt to compile as much as I can for the benefit of those who come after me. 

If you would like to contribute a memory, a photo, a story or a few kind words about someone in this database, I will gladly assist with getting it entered into the records.  If you would like a report or book, let me know.

Enjoy your visit!