James Elmer Forsythe , 1908

James Elmer /Forsythe/
Given names
James Elmer

According to the marriage certificate for James E. & Elizabeth A. on December 1942:

James resided at 12 North 17th Street, Terre Haute, IN. His occupation was Operating Engineer.

His father, Norman, born in Marshall, IL, was a farmer.

His mother, Ann(a) Fawley, <sp?>, a homemaker, was born in Marshall, IL and resided there as well.

The certificate states that James was married once before and was divorced in 1930. There were no children born to that marriage.

Also, there seems to be a problem with the date of birth. The grave marker shows 1906 while the marriage certificate shows 1908.


Note: This photograph of the headstone may not be for this James E. & Elizabeth since the dates on the marker do not match the dates on the marriage cert. [Rick Forsythe 10/2005]
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James Elmer Forsythe
James Elmer Forsythe