Jane Janie White ,

Jane /White/
Given names
Also known as
Jane /Forsythe/

No known children.

[This information provided by Betty Jean Norman: 10/19/2005]


"A couple of years ago, I was really blessed. I had traced down a cousin, Jack Forsythe (wife Margy), of the Gary clan of Forsythe's.

My Grandfather, Goodman Forsythe's brother, James & wife Janie White Forsythe, moved from Oliver, IL to Gary, IN many years ago. Anyhow, Jack would have been Jim's grandson. I was asking questions about his kin, when he said his sister had done major work on their immediate line, and he would ask her to contact me. Well, of course, nothing, until on my birthday I get this huge envelope from Jack with a copy of her work, as well as some photographs. Best birthday present, ever! Jack has since passed away.

It has not been good for their family lately, as Jack's brother, Charles, died Sept. 27th of this year. I think their father was also Charles (not sure if it is Sr. & Jr. or maybe middle entials are different). His wife, Mildred, wrote in their Christmas card about his death (cancer).

And just this past week a great-grandson of U Jim's passed away, that would be Jim's daughter Jessie (married Albert Eldredge), their daughter Ruth (married to Forrest Rule) son Thomas A. Rule passed away Dec. 21 and buried Dec. 24th at Edgar Cemetery in Paris, IL. He has a brother Ron Rule who lives in Georgia." -- Ann Stewart - 2012