Wade Valentine Forsythe , 18841956 (aged 72 years)

Wade Valentine /Forsythe/
Given names
Wade Valentine
Name suffix

"There was a set of twins that died at birth"
Wade's DOB was taken from copy of original birth certificate. - Bernice Herndon 1/31/2005


"Yes, Wade got all or some of his children back when he married Eloise. Some weren't much younger than Grandma."

"...I know there was one girl everyone referred to as Baby Sis. I believe Wade has somewhere between 12 - 14 children total."

"I know that Wade spent time in a mental institution (probably for alcoholism). Eloise was not a very good mother, not educated at all. Did weird stuff to the kids like give them teaspoons to drink of kerosene to get rid of worms. I know she sent Mary Lou off to live with some rich family when she was a young teen but Mary Lou ran away from those people and came back. I know she sent her son, Richard, off to work on someone's farm when he was only 12 and mom says the people were not good to him at all. Mom reports a very painful childhood of poverty, neglect and sometimes abuse."

"Mom, [Helen], also has an old photo of a horse drawn carriage in front of a lovely home that was supposed to be Wade's family home." - Shari Blackwood (mail) 2/3/2005


"Wade's family had a grocery store in his youth and were well off from what I understand. Then there is their Aunt Helen that my Mom is named after.... Mom has a beautiful photo of her sitting on a piano bench. I guess she would show up with giftsand money from time to time....." - Shari Blackwood



Wade V. Forsythe Head W M 26 md1-4 Farmer IL IL OH
Maude Wife W F 23 md1-4 3-3 IL IL IL
Brooks Son W M 3 S IL IL IL
Bernice Dau W F 2 S IL IL IL
Wade V., Jr. Son W M 1/12 S IL IL IL

ED 20; Sheet 6B; Line 100; Wabash Twp; #136/141


Wade B. Forsythe Head W M 46 md-21 Labor-Odd Jobs IL IL OH
Eloise Wife W F 27 md-20 IA IN IA
Bernice Dau W F 20 S Seamstress-Garment Factory IL IL IL
Eugene Son W M 7 S IN IL IA
Maxine Dau W F 6 S IN IL IA
Brooks Son W M 23 S Labor-Odd Jobs IL IL IL
Wade, Jr. Son W M 21 S Labor-Odd Jobs IN IL IA
Helen Dau W F 6 S IN IL IA

ED 21; Sheet 7B; Line 83; Terre Haute City; #206/214


According to the hand-written obituary, Wade had a half-sister preceed him in death, and she is referred to as Mrs. Fairy Grobert.

This same document lists his 2nd wife, Eloise and having married her in 1919. This date does not match the date on the marriage certificate.

It is also interesting to note that on one of Wade's obituary notices, it lists that he is survived by 3 sons and 1 daughter, (Alberta). According to the DOD records I have, there were 3 sons living, (maybe 4 if Brooks was alive; I don't have his DOD info), and 6 daughters living.

[Rick Forsythe: 12/2005]


"Wade was sent to mental institution in 1949 and remained for about 2 years. His wife at that time, (Eloise), divorced him then. He and I did not get along but started developing a better relationship after that. My husband liked Wade. He thought he was funny" - Helen Ivey 12/2005

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Family Affair

I haven't found any stories, explanations or references to the fact that Wade Valentine Forsythe, Sr., married his first cousin-once removed, or his first cousin's daughter, Maude Ellen Maynard in 1906. There was one year difference in their ages.

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