Phillip Davenport , 18201904 (aged 84 years)

Phillip /Davenport/
Given names

Philip Davenport was born around 1822 in Ohio County, Kentucky. On November 3, 1834, a Kentucky court ordered that he be bound out according to law to Wm S. Conditt to learn the art & mystery of husbandry. In return, when he became of age, Conditt was to give him $50 & a horse with a good saddle and bridle.

In December of 1834 the court ordered Conditt to show cause why he had not kept this bargain. In 1835 it apparently went into effect following some additional legal proceedings. Documents regarding the indenture writtin in 1835 say Philip Davenport was about 15, so he may have been born as early as 1820. The later agreement says that Conditt was to instruct Philip in reading, writing, and common arithmetic, including the rule of three, and to pay him three pounds ten shillings and a decent new suit of clothes at the expiration of the term, and also to furnish him a good $50 horse and a good saddle.

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