John Cline , 17981882 (aged 84 years)

John /Cline/
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By John Carroll Power These biographies were submitted by a researcher and evidently abstracted from the 1876 History of Sangamon County, IL. Errors could occur, so one should always verify the correctness by obtaining copies of vitals and performing all necessary research to document what is contained herein.


, was born Jan. 2, 1798, in Frederick county, Va. His parents died when he was quite young, leaving four children. Their grandfather, George Sutherland, took them with him to Madison county, near London, Ohio, in 1802. In 1819 he prepared to visit the western country on horseback. Levi Cantrall was about moving to Illinois, and Mr. Cline engaged to drive his four-horse team, and they arrived in the American bottom in November. Mr. Cantrall purchased a supply of corn there, and moved to what became Sangamon county, arriving in Dec., 1819, in what is now Fancy Creek township. Mr. Cline drove the team, and arrived at the same time. He intended returning to Ohio in the spring, but when the time came he decided to raise a crop, and while thus engaged he was married, July 20, 1820, to Mrs. Lucy Scott, whose maiden name was England. He made arrangements to visit Ohio in fall of 1820, but his wife being sick, he deferred it, and has not yet made his visit. Mrs. Cline had one child by her first marriage--

ELIZA SCOTT, born Feb. 15, 1816. She is married, has three children, and lives in Kansas.

Mr. and Mrs. Cline had ten children in Sangamon county--

WILLIAM, born Oct. 8, 1821, married Sept. 6, 1842, to Eliza Canterberry. They had four children. MARIA L. married August 14, 1862, to Charles S. Jones, who was born July 19, 1844, in Ohio. He enlisted a few days before his marriage, in Co. C, 114th Ill. Inf., for three years. He was wounded June 10, 1864, at the battle of Tupelo, Miss., and was discharged on account of physical disability. Mr. and Mrs. Jones have one child, SCOTT, and live in the extreme southwest corner of Logan county, Post Office, Williamsville. JOHN N., born August 23, 1846, married July 29, 1867, to Dulcina E. Primm. They have one living child, NINIAN O., and live five and a half miles west of Williamsville. ASA M. married March 12, 1873, to Melissa McClelland, and live in Fancy creek township. WILLIAM F. lives with his father. Mrs. Eliza Cline died Sept. 7, 1871, and William Cline married in 1872, to Maria J. Purkins. They have one child, EDWARD E., and live in Menard county, near Cantrall.

GEORGE W., born April 8, 1823, married Elizabeth Primm, and died Aug. 14, 1845, about four months after marriage. His widow married Jacob Barnsback, and resides near Edwardsville.

MATILDA A., born May 3, 1825, married Andrew Lynch, had seven children, and he died, and she married David Jones. They have two children, and reside in Menard county.

ELIZABETH, born August 24, 1826, married James A. Turley, and he died Jan., 1852, leaving one child, ALMEDA, who married Joseph M. Smith, and resides near Cantrall. Mrs. Turley married George T. Sales. See his name.

JOHN, born August 30, 1828, married Jane Council, have six children, and live in Menard county.

DAVID, born June 17, 1830, married Jane Hornback, and both died, leaving three children.

ADALINE, born April 25, 1832, married William M. Blue. See his name.

STEPHEN E., born Nov. 1, 1834, died August 15, 1853.

JAMES, born July 17, 1837, married Eliza Hall, have four children, MARY E., IDA F., LUCY O. and HENRY A., and reside in Fancy creek township.

HENRY, born Oct. 8, 1839, married Mary Primm. They have three children, WILLIAM A., ALLEN C. and JENNIE, and live near Cantrall.

Mrs. Lucy Cline died June 4, 1875, and John Cline lives in Cantrall.


The First Church of Sangamon County, Illinois
Organized May 15 1820ByStephen England
The Cline FamilyPages 242 - 243
The Cline Family

John Cline b January 2, 1798 in Frederick County, Virginia married one of the daughters' of Stephen England and Anna (Harper) England. Lucy (England) Scott married John Cline July 20, 1820 in Sangamon County, Illinois. They were married by her father, Stephen England, and this was the first marriage in Sangamon County, Illinois. See unpublished manuscript in another section of this book. Lucy was born February 13, 1797 in Bath County, Kentucky. John Cline died February 7, 1882 and Lucy died June 4, 1875. Both are buried in the Brittin Cemetery in Fancy Creek Township, Sangamon County, Illinois.
John is believed to be the son of John Cline, who died in Virginia, but he was raised by his grandfather, George Sutherland. Mr. Sutherland also raised 3 other brothers/sisters of John Cline. George Sutherland died in 1825 in Madison County, Ohio.

Children of John Cline & Lucy (England)(Scott) Cline:
William Cline, b. Aug. 8, 1821 m. Eliza Canterbury
George W. Cline, b. 8 Apr 1823 m. Elizabeth Primm
Matilda Cline, b. 3 May 1825 m. Andrw Lynch; m David Jones.
Elizabeth Cline, b. 24 Aug. 1826 m. James A. Turley
John Cline, b. 30 Aug 1828 m. Nancy Jane Council
David Cline, b. 17 Jun 1830 m. Jane Hornback
Adaline Cline b. 25 Apr 1832 m. William Blue; m. Michael Hardman
Stephen Cline, b. 1 Nov. 1834 died 15 Aug. 1853
James Cline, b. 17 Jul 1837 m. Eliza HallHenry Cline, b. 8 Oct 1839 m. Mary Primm

Adaline Cline's first husband above was William Marshall Blue. He was killed in the battle of Guntown, Mississippi June 10, 1864 and his body was never recovered. Adaline and William Blue was married July 13, 1848 in Sangamon County, Illinois. She died March 15, 1878. William was in Co. C of the 114th Illinois Infantry in the Civil War. They had 5 known children: Parthenia Ellen Blue, James H. Blue, George W. Blue, Lucy Blue, & David Blue.

William Cline & Eliza Canterbury were married Sept. 6, 1842. George W. Cline died August 14, 1845.
Matilda Cline and Andrew Lynch had 7 children, and she & David Jones had 2.
Elizabeth Cline & James A. Turley had 1 child.John Cline & Nancy Jane Countil were married Aug. 29, 1848. He died Apr. 3, 1896.